Road sign bases

Our road sign bases are used mainly for mounting the U21 road sign (road edge delineator), as a temporary signage of roads during renovation and reconstruction. The twin holes make them also useful as mounts for temporary fences. Their relatively high mass makes them also appropriate for use as all sorts of weights, ballast plates etc. Stacks of two or three pieces can be used to support larger objects, e.g. garden umbrellas.

Fencing bases

Our fence bases find their primary use in constructing temporary fencings, e.g. at construction sites, mass events etc. - the bases are compatible with many types of panel fences; they may also be used for setting up road barriers.

Road signs, road edge delineators, traffic cones and other roadwork accessories

We distribute a wide range of products related to road safety and roadwork, all on favorable terms. Among our suppliers are both domestic and international companies.


MARKAB operates under the same name and address since 1988. We branched our business to plastics processing in 1991, and specialized in road sign bases production in 2006. We introduced our fencing bases to the market in 2012. In our offer, our clients can also find road signs, road edge delineators and other road construction accessories – we distribute these products from many Polish and international manufacturers.

We are happy to negotiate prices in wholesale orders, as we make sure to give our clients the best offer possible.

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